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lundi, 08 novembre 2010


Man from Mungo
Ain't just a can of beer
With an orstralian tattoo
In the middle of his brow

On rainbow snakes
Tjukurpa rises strange wombats
Effervescent oil of midnight
Which make elusive
All pension dreams

Bushrangers of the open law
Don't need someone
To write ten canoes on the sand
The wild sea washes Bells Beach
Everytime didgeridoos are singing
And the recipe of the pension
Still stays the same for all
That's why we are going


"That's why we are going"
Tout simplement, merci

Écrit par : Marie-Christine Touchemoulin | lundi, 08 novembre 2010

English!!! I am both saddened and elated..
Your writing is excellent and yet most of it just looks like pretty pictures..

Écrit par : bindo | jeudi, 18 novembre 2010

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