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jeudi, 18 novembre 2010


Like a Ragnarök day
When lightning strikes
In a jewelry flow

Like Jericho day
When walls are dancing
In arms of fire

Is there another day
Another mood
Or another place to be
When climax is in spring


A poem for a poem Gilles:

Yesterday sings a dirge for the elements
of fire
of air
of earth
of water
like a hand striking the face of truth
lies like bolts
of lightning hitting twice
under a weeping sky
crying oceans and seas into becoming
a watery tomb for lost loves

Today is bound by ignorance and desire
an unquenchable thirst
and devouring fire
scorching our feet as we run from our shadows
to declare the moon our own domain

Tomorrow is clinging to eternity
a vine with thorns that open wounds
that flow with rivers of blood of lives wasted
on a battlefield beyond desire
a greed for what can never be
we clutch each other while we wait
for time to unwind behind our backs
to the glory of the tomb

Écrit par : Val | vendredi, 19 novembre 2010

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