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dimanche, 05 décembre 2010


The moon is a dancer
In ribbons of flavour
Perfume of the night
The touch of the light

In veins of black ink
Mangroves disappear
In wisteria obviousness
Over the skyliner junks

Salt is just a kind
Of marvellous sugar
A spicy wonder
In an adventurous life

No hope because of
The lack of horizon
Unlimited point of view
On new open shores

Where can I find a day
When I live in a single second
Could it be a mirage
Or just your waltzing dress


Gilles, will you please write something I don't like so that I don't seem like a sycophant! I like this but I'm determined to hate the next one. ;)

Écrit par : Val | lundi, 06 décembre 2010

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