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lundi, 13 décembre 2010


Half moon rising

In the arms of the breeze

Road ain't goin' nowhere

Just travellin' along


Hollow sounds all around

The wind always turns crazy

When my hand is pushing him

Far away to the north


The bush is only a dream

My eyes are painting it

With whispers of perfume

And flavour of a single malt


Blend me a river

It always turns to ocean

Silver lake green sky

Whatever makes your eyes

Shining in the dust


I've read this a few times and it makes me think of something, not quite an image, more of a vague feeling of an image. Therefore, I'll have to come back to leave a proper comment after I think about it some more. Either way I like the first, second and last verses the best.

Écrit par : Val | lundi, 13 décembre 2010

i marvel at the originality and unique energy of your work.
and that you write in different languages as well. you are amazing.

Écrit par : tipota | mardi, 14 décembre 2010

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