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samedi, 18 décembre 2010


We don't know
Who we are
But we don't care
Coz we don't know
Where we are
And even if we are
Better not talk about when

Gimme a clue
Maybe a proof
Waterproof indeed
Coz I need to drink the sea
Just to feel this little pearl
Burning the whole of what i was

From dream to dream
Just enjoy your icecream
Cachaça and lime
Pleasure of the cruise
Move on the dancefloor
There will be some more


Dreams and proof and knowing nothing about something or something about nothing is all futility, like standing on a roof and stretching your arms to touch your reflection on the surface of the circle of someone's eye. :)

Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 19 décembre 2010

Ca me plait brother, jaime beaucoup!!
A demain, si tout va bien!

Écrit par : Little sister | jeudi, 23 décembre 2010

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