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samedi, 01 janvier 2011


Tap dancing

On top of the sea

Pop lights sound

Like an orchestra violin

And a fiddle blow


Tap dancing

In a foggy dew

Blend in a loving mist

Veil of the moon

Draped in kaleidoscopic black aura


Tap dancing

Among guns and rivers

Of napalm and blood

Spellbound to paradise

On the razor's ink


There's a river in "my" song too but without violin orchestra

Happy new year to you wishing we could have rivers wiyh no wars...

Écrit par : colette | samedi, 01 janvier 2011

War is constant and peace is a myth for those who live in denial of reality because they don't like to view their own complicity in the events surrounding them. Most human beings just watch it unfold and exercise their pointing finger.

Écrit par : Val | samedi, 01 janvier 2011

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