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dimanche, 09 janvier 2011


Roadkilled by motorhead
Dancing on your grave
Another perfect day
Back at the funny farm

Roadkilled by Lizzy
Flavour of the emerald
The bad reputation of a black rose
For the vagabonds of the western world

Roadkilled by the doors
Light my fire
Waiting for the sun
At the soft parade

Roadkilled by scorpions
In trance with a virgin killer
Another piece of meat
Coast to coast in a lovedrive

Roadkilled but alive
The strange boutique
Playing a symphony of the grey
For the creature of the black lagoon


Here's some Crashtest for you Gilles. ;)
Much better because it's Canadian.
Have a good Sunday Gilles


Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 09 janvier 2011

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