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vendredi, 17 juin 2011


She loves
To avoid the old tones
By creating new ones
In a smile of her ears

She don't care
About their look
As they vanish instantly
In a move of her dress

Boredom is just a perfume
She likes to wear
From time to time

A kind of smooth torture
Which allows her
To feel other fairy territories


OBE: One Big Effort or One Brilliant Escape or One Beginning Ends or One Boring Ending or Only Before Everything or Odd Bad Egg

or Out of Body Experience. You know Gilles-Marie: A person dies physically and at that point their soul leaves the body. Sometimes the person is resuscitated and their soul returns to the body and they recall their time out of body. There, clear as mud is it not? I'll bet even Miss Wonderful up there is familiar with this.

I just felt the elastic band snap, so I'm gone now.

Écrit par : Val | samedi, 18 juin 2011

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