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jeudi, 28 octobre 2010


Face the day

In the aura

Face the day

In a silver wedding


Rings are turning

Around my eye

Be a candle

In full flame


Face the day

Deep in the heart

Of a brilliant night

An all fields camouflage


Rings are pearling

Jewels of ether

Rivers of blood

Songs with no tunes


Face the day

Blow as a battlefield of colours

Burn like hell

In velvet tsunamis



These words are beautiful Gilles and this is why I consider you one of my three favourite poets. You have an innate understanding of what writing is, as well as what it is not, and there is a clarity with which you express it. Thank you for always being so generous as an artist, I can see this always as the constant in your work. :)

Écrit par : Val | jeudi, 28 octobre 2010

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