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mercredi, 27 octobre 2010


I'm from the storm

Son of the eye

I'm the smile of the arrow

The deerhunter scalp

The blue ridge tomahawk


I'm from the storm

Caressing hurricanes

Tempest howls in my voice

Like a velvet telegram

Upon the milky way rivers


I'm from the storm

The eagle mark on my brow

I'm the prey

Hunted for milleniums

Now I'm from the nest



You seem very interested in Native Americans as a subject for some of your poetry Gilles, which attracts my interest because once, I lived there, on a reservation in the US, close to the raw parts of myself and it altered my reality forever. I think sometimes, that some fragment of me was left behind at the foot of that mountain and that thought is very sad to me. But then, isn't all poetry sad in a way, that we must write it in the first place to be heard?

Écrit par : Val | vendredi, 05 novembre 2010

poetry is sad if you want it to be sad; poetry is a celebration and sadness can be celebrated as any other mood; i wrote a sentence one day, saying that "lament is a song as any others", so everyone can sing what he likes to sing like sylvia plath for instance, who always sing about pain & suffering (for what i read from her)

Écrit par : gmc | samedi, 06 novembre 2010

and, as will shakespeare said, don't forget that "all the world's a stage"; one of my friends, who is leadsinger of a rock band, wrote one day a song untitled "actor's illusion" ^^

here's one of his other songs:


Écrit par : gmc | samedi, 06 novembre 2010

You know Gilles, it doesn't surprise me that you are an indie fan and the song is actually very good. :) Your friend has a good set of lungs and there is drive and power in the sound. I like what you say about poetry being a celebration. Tell me, have you read "Daddy' by Sylvia? Ms. Plath is my ideal as a female poet, a genius. Now, I shall go and listen to some more Roadrunner songs. :) hugs

Écrit par : Val | samedi, 06 novembre 2010

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