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dimanche, 21 novembre 2010


Déchaîne les colliers

Sur des stances enflammées

Par la coriandre et le paprika


Des perles d'oxygène

Pimentent le continent

Qui s'enlumine en douceur


Un fil d'argent

Sans lien apparent

La poésie en déshabillé de printemps


Tell me, do you think of charm as being or causing a state of crisis? It is an interesting concept to think about I suppose but then one has to think, what is the nature of charm and why doesn't everyone have it? :) Tell me also, do you do live readings of your work, or do you avoid the public reading of poetry and prefer anonymity. I noticed you're not too narcissistic, but I thought I would ask anyway. ;)

Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 21 novembre 2010

i wrote more than 5000 poems: after one year of writing, one book was published and, after two years, a second one, then i stopped sending stuff to magazines and editors. if someone is asking for some poems he would publish, i can send him what he wants^^, but i have no time to spend in administrative work (duplicate, archive, aso..). societys don't like creation, they prefer culture, when artists are dead. so writing is enough happiness for me.
for the narcissictic word, it's not from me, im' not the one who created this blog^^, a guy opened it for me (i think he was fed up with my comments/poems on his blog^^), look at the blog's first week comments, there's some words about that funny thing (these words were my reply when he asked me why i didn't open a blog).

Écrit par : gmc | dimanche, 21 novembre 2010

for the charm, in that case, i felt it more like a charm fever rising - like being submerged by a smooth tsunami -, but i thought crise de charme would make a nice title

Écrit par : gmc | dimanche, 21 novembre 2010

Aha! You are a poet with the heart of an anarchist! ;) I agree with you, society is more into culture than creation which is of course a perfect example of the spiritual and intellectual darkness that covers everything and everyone. Of course, one could say that culture is an every changing entity and therefore a perfect singular expression of creativity, at least one of many. :) So, what happened to this benevolent friend who brought you to the blogging masses? I think when you leave poetry as a comment, it is exactly what I like about you, well that and your charm. I think you are hiding a very clever wit and sense of humour Gilles.

Écrit par : Val | lundi, 22 novembre 2010

let's say that culture is the graveyard of creation^^

Écrit par : gmc | lundi, 22 novembre 2010

Well then Gilles, considering I am a Canadian and our only culturally binding features are hockey, Tim Horton's coffee and Canadian Tire hardware stores, I would say my writing is safe from the boneyard for at least another day! ;) I do have to say that I hope you replace the narcissistic remark at the top of your blog and replace it with this very apt and relevant statement about culture being the graveyard of creativity. :)

Écrit par : Val | lundi, 22 novembre 2010


Écrit par : gmc | mardi, 23 novembre 2010

:) :) :) Merci

Écrit par : Val | mardi, 23 novembre 2010

Tell me Gilles, if culture is the graveyard of creativity, then what or where is the birthplace of creativity? :)

Écrit par : Val | mardi, 23 novembre 2010


There's no place like home
Where flowers are growing
In a full black night

Among shades of chaos
Shapes of delights flow
On galactical seas

Climbing down the rainbow
Strange things surface
As a pop-corn factory
In a chinese theatre

Écrit par : gmc | mardi, 23 novembre 2010

I like the entire poem. It's very strange that we have begun talking of the idea of home because it's something I've been thinking of for a while now. I think of home as being an unknowable concept for me, but it is something I still long for. To long for something you can't understand is certainly unexplainable. I'm a wanderer in this life and perhaps creativity is like this, home everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

I like the way your mind turns an idea around, to view from many angles only to display the unseen in it, you have a rebellious intellect Gilles. :)

Écrit par : Val | mercredi, 24 novembre 2010

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