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jeudi, 06 janvier 2011


A love supreme
Don't need any Diana
Except for diving smoothly
Into mystery

In arms of silk
Thunder rises in pure wool
Spring invades summer
In tragedies of purple
As romantic as the green age

Building of pixels
Won't make a word fade
Look at those stairs in fire
Warriors are walking on

Keep an eye on the rock
A sword as a target
For no other goal
Than populating the desert
With some grains of sand
You will call yours


Splendid poem! Tell me Gilles, the title reminded me of Shelley, do you like Shelley's poetry?

Écrit par : Val | vendredi, 07 janvier 2011

some poems only, i'm not able to tell smthing about one of them^^; for xmas,my young sister bought me - on my advice^^ - a translation of shakespeare's sonnets (the translation is so so, but i'm happy to have all the 154 pieces; if i'm not too lazy, maybe one day, i will translate them properly, i did it once for the sonnet 11, but i don't want to take that as a job, it must be a pleasure first)

Écrit par : gmc | vendredi, 07 janvier 2011

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