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vendredi, 07 janvier 2011


Building rivers of flames

Along shores of despair

A job for no mercenary

Who would be paid in love


Painting winds of fortune

On wheels of asphalt

Riding through an absent neighborhood

Visiting myself alone


Cruising on rain

Purple for princes

Green for no hope

But a delightful smile


Travelling in embrace

Crucified by velvet

A crescent in each hand

The full moon in the look


A video for you Gilles for Saturday morning Sweet evening and night :)

Écrit par : Val | samedi, 08 janvier 2011

vid blocked coz of copyright^^

Écrit par : gmc | samedi, 08 janvier 2011

Gee, that's too bad Gilles ;) Here is another version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPIWkzUaDvQ

I love these guys, they are magnificent. Enjoy

Écrit par : Val | samedi, 08 janvier 2011

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