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dimanche, 20 février 2011


Voodoo Alley shines

Under dark midnight lights

Cats are prowling around

Black as the shadow of the sorceress


Music sounds as wonderful

As a ball and chain clicking

While rattlesnakes songs

Are blowing in the wind


Noone ever comes here

At least noone goes back

From this heavenly place

Where no light ever shines


How strange, I was reading something about marie Laveau yesterday and you wrote this. Anyway, about the last two lines, that's a contradiction isn't it? How can something be heavenly if the light never shines there? ;)

Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 20 février 2011

try to guess^^

Écrit par : gmc | dimanche, 20 février 2011

Okay I will. The light never shines there because it is the source of the light rather than a dark place in need of illumination. :0 lolol Of course, I don't believe in heaven or jesus or any of that nonsense. ;)

Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 20 février 2011

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