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dimanche, 28 novembre 2010


Shooting on all avenues
Like a whipping machine
The blue barrel of a 38
Sending fire bullets
On an ocean of silk

A queen of aces
Upon a collapsing stairway
Chooses the delights
In a nitroglycerine craddle
No silicon breast allowed here

Hey dude
Look at her hips
Flood of the sea
Liquid rocks on sea of stars
The power of a stormy caress

She'll be your dancer
If you're able to see
You are only her sulfur dream
A milky puppet
In a gore cataclysm


Here is my music for you for a Sunday :)

Écrit par : Val | dimanche, 28 novembre 2010

gracias señorita, do you know this one from old neil?


Écrit par : gmc | dimanche, 28 novembre 2010

of course I do my dearest Gilles, I am a Canadian after all and Neil is golden up here in the freezing north. :) I love this one though and I listened to it twice! Do you like the song
Sugar Mountain by Neil? :) Muchas Gracias your own self ;)

Écrit par : Val | lundi, 29 novembre 2010

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